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  1. Downey High School
    "JIm, I can not thank you enough for saving me with your curriculum. When I was hired by Downey Unified School District to teach a new criminal justice program that was being started all I had was an outline, no textbook and a small supply budget. I spent countless hours over the first few weeks trying to decide on how I was going to build this program from scratch. I was extremely fortunate when I ran across your program through another instructor while I was at a district wide meeting in August just before the start of school. He told me to look at your site on the Internet and it was exactly what I needed thank you again."... Steve Gutherie, CTE Instructor
  2. LPV Regional Occupation Program
    "We have been using your curriculum for over 30 years at seven high schools in our district and our instructors all have positive comments as to its use. Your program has been approved and accepted by several area colleges for course credit involving two courses: Introduction to Administration of Justice and Concepts of Criminal Law. We are in the process of submitting a Criminal Justice a-g course to the state to take our program to another level. Our research shows that Diamond Bar High School already has a state approved a-g Criminal Justice course using your program. Would it be possible to send us all the necessary information to complete the state application? Thanks again our instructors speak highly of your program."... David Kirkhoff, Administrator
  3. Anderson School District
    "I received the program last week and have been going through the multitude of materials provided for instructor and student use. This program is incredibly well put together in completeness and easy of putting it into classroom use. It has everything I could ever need to teach my classes all in one menu driven program. It is obvious from seeing how comprehensive it is first hand to better understand why you were so confident on the phone when I first spoke to you about your program. It is everything you said it would be and more! I look forward to future updates to the materials that are developed in the years to come."... Kit Richardson, Instructor
  4. LD Bell High School
    Incredibly complete course for an even more incredible value. I had been trying to develop my own materials to use for months and was spending endless hours trying to develop meaningful activities for my classes. I attended your workshop on Mock Trials at the National Partners in Education Conference in Houston and was impressed with the level of detail in your trial materials. When I got back to the hotel I viewed your sample CD and decided to place my order. Thanks, I look forward to getting the program and incorporating it into my classes."... Mark Gustafson, Instructor
  5. Sherman Indian School
    I am currently a C.T.E. Public Services instructor at Sherman Indian School in Riverside, California. Prior to teaching at Sherman I was an instructor for the Riverside County Office of Education and Banning High School in Riverside. I have been using the curriculum materials from the Administration of Justice Program since 2011. It is the most comprehensive and most valuable teaching tool for high school available. The Riverside County Office of Education has been using the Administration of Justice Program for over 15 years and their research has shown this to be the best program of its kind on the market. My principal said this is the most comprehensive program he has ever seen and the cost to license this program is extremely affordable. David R. Heard, CTE Instructor
  6. Murrieta Valley High School
    Jim, Thank you for your terrific customer service and the use of your product. Over the last 11 years I have used your DVD materials as part of my curriculum to teach CTE law enforcement classes at a local high school. Your materials are very thorough and well organized. I am particularly impressed with your mock trial assignment which is always a favorite with the students. Although I rarely used all 53 modules, I often used your resources as a guide in my class lectures. The problem solvers are excellent teamwork assignments and test the students investigative skills. Thank you for the continued excellence in your business. Sincerely, K. Carlson, CTE Instructor
  7. Barstow High School
    When I retired after twenty years as a police officer, I was asked by the local high school to start a CTE course called Law Enforcement with no books, no curriculum and no resources. Initially, I spent every weekend putting together lesson plans. Midway through my first semester of teaching I found this curriculum and it was an amazing "one stop" shop program. I now have all the resources needed to teach my class and the program includes a student CD that alone has saved my school district thousands of dollars in not having to buy textbooks. I have had one to one support offered by Mr. Salyer, and he has answered many of my questions and provided suggestions to improve my teaching. He is extremely helpful with a genuine concern to help me and my students. My students are more motivated, engaged and student scores have increased. Tim, Heiden, CTE Instructor
  8. East San Gabriel Valley ROP
    The faculty and administration of the East San Gabriel Valley Regional Occupational Program (ESGVROP) is so appreciative of the outstanding curriculum that Jim Salyer has developed. Both the secondary and postsecondary divisions of the ESGVROP utilize this curriculum in their respective Administration of Justice Programs. Students master the content based on how it is delivered through the curriculum. ESGVROP secondary and postsecondary instructors have used the curriculum for years. Instructors and students have raved about the materials and content. The local community college will articulate with the ROP faculty only if they are utilizing Mr. Salyer’s curriculum. College professors give this curriculum the highest praise. Kim Case, Deputy Superintendent High School Division East San Gabriel Valley ROP
  1. Tri-County Regional Voc. High School
    I am starting a new criminal justice program at a vocational school here in Massachusetts. Kellie Martin of Greater Bedford Vocational Tech showed me your DVD/CD program and I was beyond impressed. I practiced law on both sides of the criminal courts for a dozen years. I have also taught community college and high school courses over the past ten years and have reviewed hundreds of books. Your program is by far the most comprehensive and accessible. Such an incredible resource! I would like to get a copy to show my boss so we can order it. Heidi Getchell-Bastien Tri-County
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Customer Testimonials
Customer Testimonials