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"As a retired law enforcement officer and current college/high school instructor, I had a dream of introducing high school students to a quality, interactive method of learning a law enforcement curriculum.  A program, easily comprehended by high school students, but challenging enough to qualify for college credit.
Over the past 35 years I've developed and continually update the material presented in the Administration of Justice curriculum.  This curriculum historically has been a word-of-mouth project and still, has grown to being used in over 40 states across the country. Instructors who have been using the materials comments have been very positive regarding its professional content, ease of delivery and the fact that it fills an occupational training gap.  A gap that schools need to make their curriculum more relevant to "life after high school."
And what better way to show a large group of young people who may feel alienated from the justice system and law enforcement an in-depth look at the real world. To become advocates for common sense solutions to problems we all face today, instead of resorting to physical violence as a way to express themselves.
The program is provided on DVD and CD in several instructional formats to make it quick and easy to deliver a concise, complete and up-to-date program using conventional and multimedia hardware.  This program can be used for one semester or as long as two years." There are currently 57 modules of teaching materials.
Jim Salyer, retired Sgt.
California Highway Patrol
CTE Instructor, Diamond Bar High School
Administration of Justice Instructor Mount San Antonio College

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    Winnie and Jim Salyer