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     The Administration of Justice curriculum is currently being used by schools in more than 40 states across the country in their Administration of Justice programs. The program has been approved by the State of California for use in California vocational and K-12 high schools. It has also been approved by the California State University system and is currently articulated with Rio Hondo College, Citrus College and Mount San Antonio College for course equivalency credit at the college level. This 56 module criminal justice program has been developed over a period of 35 years and was designed with the high school and adult student in mind. The program is updated with appropriate revisions annually and new materials are developed as needed.
     The Administration of Justice program has been designed in a modular format so it can be taught as separate units of instruction in the time frame that is best suited for the individual instructor. With 57 Modules it can be used to teach a one or two semester course with 10-11 modules in each semester and can be expanded to a two-year program if needed. The program is intended to be flexible enough to be used in a one-hour or two hour class five days a week or a three to four hour block daily. The modules can be taught in the sequence the instructor chooses and the time frame that fits their program needs. Each module contains enough material to cover 5 to 20 hours of instructional material depending on the instructor’s background and support resources for hands on activities used to supplement classroom lecture contained in our program.
     This program is more affordable than the textbooks to teach a course with such a wide range of topics. The Administration of Justice Program is very comprehensive and provides a variety of instructional methodologies to make it easy to adapt to a variety of teaching styles. Each module includes goals and expected outcomes for the student. Schools currently using the curriculum find it easy to keep multiple school sites at the same point in curriculum. When a new instructor is hired by a school district they can provide them with the entire course on a Instructor DVD and StudentWorks CD. Multiple instructors for the same school district meet and decide on what modules of instructional materials they wish to teach and the sequencing of materials adopted for classroom use. All instructors can then adopt a uniform course instructional outline and sequence modules of instructional to meet the organizational instructional and learning goals. When students must move from one school location to another school that uses the same curriculum it makes the change easier for students, instructors, and administrators. Since we first began providing this curriculum to school districts we have had no complaints as to the quality and ease of use of the Administration of Justice Program. We have had many favorable reviews and referrals, you may view a few by clicking on the "Reviews" Icon at the top of the page.
     Each module comes with teacher key, student materials, tests, and masters for making transparencies to use with overhead projectors. Also included is a colorized Microsoft Word and PowerPoint version to enable the instructor the ability to use either format with an LCD presentation projection system. The Administration of Justice Program includes two complete mock trials with roles for classes of up to 35 students. This program also features 56 terminology quizzes, 56 spelling quizzes, 56 crossword puzzles, 56 word scrambles and 56 word searches that relate to the module being taught. The program includes module related homework assignments to reinforce lecture material or prepare for an examination with instructor keys. Over 200 daily warm up activities such as Crime Quizzes, You are the Judge, You are the Jury, You Make the Decision, You are the Detective and Analysis Problems are included. In addition, there are Case Studies, projects and a Field Operations/Patrol role play. Many of these activities may also be used as group activites or homework assignments to supplement classroom instruction.    
     This program is designed so that instructors who have a school related web page can upload assignments to the Internet for students to access and have students down load the handout materials. Some instructors simply make copies of the “StudentWorks” master CD designed to be used as a student text and provides a copy to each student. One school in California has the StudentWorks CD issued through the school library in the same fashion as other instructional textbooks at the start of school. If the CD is lost it is treated the same as any other school issued text book with a replacement cost. 
     This program is available for license on a yearly basis. The price is $375.00 per classroom instructor plus $12.00 shipping (California tax applies). If the program is to be used in more than one school, a site license must be purchased for each school site. The license agreement includes classroom use, technical support and annual updated materials. New modules and instructional resources are developed annually and are sent with the renewal of the license agreement.
     One of the unique things about this program is that instructors have input into the revision process. We have also created modules of instruction for instructors who requested a specific topic. The instructors were able to provide us with the outline needed to construct the module and we did the rest.
Materials are sent to instructors on a menu driven DVD and CD using an Adobe Acrobat and PowerPoint Show format for uniformity of use on all PC computer systems. We recognize that there are occasions when individual programs/instructors need to change information on the master, a simple phone call can get the Microsoft or PowerPoint master for that particular item shipped or emailed at no additional cost. This makes it possible for instructors to modify one of the modules or a test for their own state needs.
     Please take some time to review all the information attached and we hope you will find the Administration of Justice sample Instructor DVD and StudentWorks CD which can be accessed from this web page an informative look at our program. There are currently 56 modules and the instructor version will come on a DVD as the PowerPoint presentation files are very large due to the use of sound bites, animated clip art and photographs to enhance student interest and learning.
     This program is not intended to be a substitute for hands on activities but rather to be the classroom support materials to complement instructor developed instructional strategies.
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